Thank you so much for visiting Deedleadthread.com. My name is Dana, and I’m from southern Arizona and I’m a proud wife and mother of three grown children. I like to sew…A lot. My real passion is to make my own clothes and share what I do and love with others.  I also like to make jewelry and put it with outfits I create. Hopefully, there is enough eye candy and posts to interest you to hang out and look around.

So what is with the name, you ask? Well, Deedle was my nickname given to me by my father. I can’t take credit for the play-on-words instead of needle and thread; that credit goes to my daughter, Shannon. My interest in sewing originates from the days of my childhood when I would rummage through the sewing scraps my mother kept in a bright yellow tote bag. It was tucked in the closet, propped up and overflowing. My mother was/is a seamstress who unknowingly provided me with my gateway-drug to fabric Stashland. Looking back, this was the beginning of my addiction, but my Barbie benefited by my garment construction curiosity with an outrageous wardrobe.

With my mother’s assistance and endless encouragement, I learned how to hand sew and convert flat fabric pieces into shapely garments that were perfect for my Barbie’s plastic figure. Eventually I started making clothes for myself. They were often a bit interesting in shape and design, but I had to start somewhere. High school and my first few jobs gave me ongoing reasons to sew outfits for myself, and I eventually tackled sewing patterns and more advanced sewing techniques. After college and marriage, I had three kiddos of my own and thus three more reasons to continue sewing. Creating outfits and Halloween costumes constantly for my three children was very satisfying because I could finish projects quickly for little people.

I learned what worked and what didn’t by making mistakes and trying new sewing techniques along the way. This continual challenge has kept me stitchin’ 40-something years later. In fact, I’ve consistently had a sewing project in progress since the Barbie clothes days.

For a long while I anxiously awaited the day that my daughter would leave the nest for college so that I could take over her bedroom and convert it into my sewing safe house. (I miss her, but I love my room. Ha!) Now that I have my own sewing space, I spend any amount of time I can steal from the day—either before, after, or between work and housework—happily in front of my sewing machine to finish a seam or two.

My family continually teases me about my extensive fabric stash that fills numerous closet units, bags, baskets, bins (or anything with space, for that matter). But I always have the next project in mind, and the best of intentions to get right to it. I sew apparel primarily, but what really motivates me is being inspired by something, visualizing a pattern made up in a certain fabric, maybe a necklace or bracelet I can make to coordinate, and seeing it all come to fruition. I hope you will enjoy the thread connecting the subject matter that provides inspiration to the project itself and then to project completion. Sometimes I will share topics that I think you may enjoy in my Random Bits and Pieces category.

The sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a wearable creation feeds my passion, and through my blog I hope to share that same passion with you. I hope you learn, become inspired, create something and that your bobbin may always be full!

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