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Reshaping Lives Through Recycling

Have you ever cleaned out your undies drawer and wondered what to do with your unwanted-but-perfectly-good bras?? ¬†Donating bras, like I did with other clothing items, was never the conclusion I reached until I recently read a blog post that shed light on The Bra Recyclers¬†and ¬†Both of these¬†organizations have related goals to decrease […]


Rhonda’s Creative Life Is Sharing Blog Love….

Returning A Favor It is a little early for Valentine’s Day, but I am feeling the love from Rhonda. ¬†Blog love, that is. ¬†I was grateful to find my blog featured on Rhonda’s Creative Life Wednesday Showcase! ¬† Rhonda wrote a thoughtful post summarizing my love for sewing, making jewelry and offering tutorials. ¬†It is […]


Santa’s Quote for Crafters

Here is a little Christmas humor for the crafters out there….enjoy and pass it along. Twas the night before Christmas, I’m decorating the tree. I’m wondering what Santa will bring just for me. Could it be fat quarters or a pattern or lace? Or a quilt kit, I said, with a smile on my face. […]


Men’s Ties Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Men’s ties make the perfect circle skirt to dress up your tree. ¬† If the male family members in your house despise wearing ties (like my husband), and they are sitting in a drawer, gather them together for this quick project. ¬† I was lucky enough to receive my dad’s and uncle’s discarded ties after […]


A Sewing Thimble Collection from Around the World

No garment posts today, but I do have a sewing related slideshow for you. ¬†(If you don’t see the slideshow on your phone, click HERE). This post is a quick look at my sewing thimble collection. ¬†You aren’t yawning right now are you? Give it a try. It may not be one of the most […]


Sew Creative, L’Toffe Fabrics

If your sewing skills drift from garments to quilts to crafts, you will enjoy stepping into Sew Creative in Ashland, Oregon. ¬†Since I have a love for sewing garments, I have chosen to let others perfect the quilting skills while I continue to master fabric manipulation on the human form. That being said, I find […]


My Dressing Your Truth Experience

Right after I explained in my last post how I would be making an effort to post more often and regularly, I promptly discovered Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle and disappeared again. ¬† The information was fascinating to me because it was such a different approach to one’s style and how we present ourselves […]


Jacket in a Pocket

Preparing for my trip to Seattle meant considering some potential rain fall during the time of my visit. My daughter recommended a hood of some sort and that would be adequate. I have lots of jackets but few have hoods. I came across this cute jacket at my local Hancock’s fabrics while checking out at […]


Change of Scenery

This non-sewing post is just a little commercial for the weekend getaway and the importance of a scenery change. I’m sharing with you a few shots of a quiet, peaceful little town in Alpine, Arizona, and according to the 2011 census, the population is 466! It isn’t really because this little town has rolling meadows, […]


Rectangle Zipper Bag

Look at these zipped up beauties! ¬†Imagine the endless possibilities combining fabrics, zippers, ribbons, tabs, buttons and stitches! ¬†She is not just any ordinary zipper bag. ¬†She has flair and personality due to her embellishment options. ¬†Take a quick look around Pinterest or the Google searches for zippered pouches and you will see a plethora […]


DeedleandThread in Boston Part 2

The short story is that my daughter is living in Boston now, working for a social media marketing firm. However, she was living in Phoenix, AZ., where she owned a house and car. After spending LOTS of money on transportation, she decided to coordinate a master plan to drive her car across the country with […]


A Shout Out for SewRED-y…A New Blog

I am thrilled to share a link to a new sewing blog on the scene. It is SewRed-y from my student, Rachel. I’m so glad she has taken on the sewing obsession and wow, is she a natural! She took a class from me when I taught at Jo Ann’s and with a little guidance […]