Garnet Colored Coin Pearl and Rondelle Multi-Strand Necklace

IMG_2222What I’m wearing today…..This is a garnet colored coin pearl necklace I made a few years ago using up some of my gray colored faceted rondelles for a little sparkle. The coin pearl diameter is about 3/8″ or 8mm, and the rondelles are probably 6mm. There are 4 strands total, but I would have preferred to string an odd number but I didn’t purchase enough pearls. It does the job anyway. Earrings are sterling silver posts given as a gift too long ago.
IMG_2227I like to string the rondelles in the mix at different intervals on each strand. One one strand, I may put them every 6 pearls, and on another I may put one every 8 or 10 pearls just to keep it from looking too boring. The rondelles provide that little sparkle as well as add that gray/black element I wanted in the necklace.
IMG_2226I finished it off with a pewter toggle (no tarnishing) and cones from JoAnns. I did a wire wrap and added some rondelles for a bit more sparkle just because!
IMG_2223So I hope this inspired you to make a little something for yourself or a gift for the holidays. Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Dana – Is the beautiful garnet necklace you’re wearing for sale? It is exquisite! You can reach me at the above email. Your jewelry is wonderful and now that I’ve found you, I’ll be searching for other originals! If you need to call, my number is 912-464-9192. You certainly followed in your mother’s footsteps!!!

    Love, Sunie

    • Hi Sunie- I did make this red one and could sell it to you. Maybe we can work something out! Good to hear from you. I will call you and follow up. So glad you liked it enough to inquire.

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