Gray and Beige Equals Greige

Greige Outfit and Necklace

Greige Outfit and Necklace

Is there a neutral color that gets your attention every time?  It may be certain shades of gray, tan or camel or a interesting combination of shades you can’t even describe.  Well this is mine.  I love this boring and funky color of brown/gray/beige.  I bet many of you would call it something entirely different.  It is another alternative to black, and a bit more complimentary to my coloring.
I scored the necklace at a local art fair and loved the combination of colored stones set in sterling silver.  Earrings are self made by adding a bead to a post finding from my stash.
Back to the outfit.  I found the fabric at Jo Ann’s in the Famous Maker are which means it retails for $9.99 but eligible for coupons.  I bought what was left on the bolt.

The skirt is a column skirt – nothing special.  Just measure the length, add seam allowances for elastic waist and hem.  Measure around hips when sitting down and add 1-2 inches for ease.  I added a tricot stretchy lining since the fabric is see-through.  I copied the measurements of the skirt and made the lining just a bit smaller.

Tricot Lining

Tricot Lining

The pattern is from Sewing Workshop / Ann’s Cardigan and Tank.  I noticed this pattern on Linda Lee on the Craftsy Sewing Fashion Knits online course in my personal Craftsy library.  I think I have gushed over Linda before about her eye for color (and fabric) and the course if a great advertisement for some of her fabric and pattern choices as she describes some great techniques for working for knits.

Pattern Front 618WIMG_2729

Pattern Front and Line Drawing

Pattern Back618WIMG_2730

Quick back view to help you prepare

A quick look at the pattern shown here gives you and idea of what fabric type and yardage you’ll need.


Pumps from Kohl’s (old)

Godet Featured618WIMG_2707

Back comes forward forming a godet (a triangle shape)

The magic of the drape of the cardigan happens at the hip line.

Hipline 618WIMG_2718

Side slit of tank top

Above photo shows the side slit of the tank.  Notice I left the hem edges raw.
Changes in the future I would make:The tank has a modern silhouette with the points but the length is a little short on me. I like the length with this ensemble because there is so much of this color and the proportions work out, but in the future, I will lengthen the tank by cutting the tank pattern at the waist and adding length there instead of the hem. That way, it won’t add more bulk at the hips.  DON’T NEED THAT.

Here is an up close view of the tank neckline and necklace.  The neckline is turned under and sewn with two rows of top stitching.  I love using two fusible tapes for the neckline:  Design Plus Bias Fusible from LJ Designs This is used to stabilize and serge. Then I apply Dritz Wash Away Wonder Tape in the 1/4 inch width to help fuse the edge to the underside.  Then, carefully top stitch. Don’t do this late at night or too hopped up on caffeine!

PS NecklaceIMG_2720[1]

Doorway2 618WIMG_2705

Happy with the results

The pattern is a bit pricey, but if you are a cardigan girl like me, the plan is to make many of these pieces to get my money’s worth. The fit is flattering no matter your size or shape. Just remember to purchase a drapey knit that highlights the cascading front. Do you have a favorite cardigan (or tank) pattern?

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to this pattern. The information on what you did and what you may do the next time with was very helpful. The pictures of the lining, the drape and the information on the pattern envelope were great additions.
    If you were to do this with a more opaque fabric, would you line the skirt with tricot again?

    • You are welcome. To answer your question about lining, I probably wouldn’t line it again unless the fabric needed it. I’m a slip-wearer, so I usually opt to go that route. I decided to use a flesh colored lining because I had it in my stash and the fabric was pretty see-through. Sometimes it is hard to find specialty linings in fabric stores. Basically, I experimented and liked the result. I hope that helps. Thanks for asking!

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