Birthday Suggestion

Our family has never been big birthday celebrators, but we have made a point to at least acknowledge with a card, FRESH FLOWERS, some thoughtful gift, a dinner and pick-your-cake. No day is complete without a poorly sung rendition of Happy Birthday by someone. Oh, and no chores….kinda like King/Queen for the day.

Being the mom, I look forward to it because it usually means breakfast made for me. I get to suggest some favorite foods and then be surprised with a concerted effort by family members. Over the years, it has meant breakfast in bed, handmade cards, clumsily-wrapped homemade gifts that made me well up, funny store bought cards, perfume, and other sentiments too numerous to mention.

Selfishly, I daydream about a day of TOTAL relaxation. This can mean sewing, of course, or napping or shopping at my local fabric stores, being with friends, reading magazines or books, hanging out with family, getting a massage. The normal demands are not there—they just get postponed.

Now for the birthday tip: If at all possible, clear the day for one favorite relaxing activity.  This may be more realistic than expecting all of the others wonderful activities to magically happen. If all else fails, finishing a project or activity of your choice is a gift to yourself.

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