Introducing Sit and Sew

Our group is small but it is mighty! I’m cheating a little here. This photo is one of the few times we could all gather on the same night so I am including this picture to show you the gang. Call it Stitch & Bitch, Sew and Sip, Unpick and Vent, whatever. But mostly we laugh, while getting serious about our sewing and have a great time.

But this is how the post should have started….
After months of mulling over and wondering how and what commitment could I make for the long haul, it’s was finally time to offer a Sit and Sew group near my home. The clubhouse in my complex rarely gets used and even in it’s 70’s decor, it will serve us beautifully for our gatherings. Here’s a picture of our treat table. Check out the revamped jewelry-box-turned-tea-chest below at the end of the table.
This is how I found it at the thrift store. A little sanding and paint and now it has a new life serving up tea.

Anyway, back to the room. Lots of space, a little kitchen, bathrooms, ceiling fans and air conditioning (an absolute ‘must’ here in the desert), radio, plenty of tables for sewing machines and cutting out. The ironing board will fit off to the side with plenty of room to spare.

Some of my students have been asking for another way to learn about the details of sewing. By offering a 3 hour session bi-monthly, I hope to offer encouragement and an upbeat environment to further the love of sewing. I am providing snacks and beverages (no wine, but that may change). The plan is to be available for tips and demos as well as questions. To start, the group will be small so that the right amount of attention can be spent helping, advising, etc. It may grow over time, or maybe not. We’ll see.

So much of the learning curve of sewing is accomplished by seeing how a technique is done. When I was teaching, I was always a little concerned about the project that was dictated by the corporation for the beginning sewist. It was either too complicated for the time allowed in class to properly finish (layout and cutting was not considered in the time frame) or it was not a project that drew people in to sign up. I tried to keep in mind that I could make the class fun and focus on the skills being learned. Reviewing the steps at the end was meant to encourage the student to go out and practice, find similar projects or repeat what we had just completed. The repetition helps hone the skill. What a relief that the students can choose their own projects!

It is difficult to find the time to sew when life can be so busy. My goal is to show how I squeeze in the little bits of sewing time into my day/week/month and share that with others. I hope to do that with this blog, as well.

Having a place to bring machines and projects to complete can be an outing for yourself….concentrated sewing time without phones and other distractions.

Do you have a sewing group in your area? What kind of format would work for you?

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