My Dressing Your Truth Experience

Dressing Your Truth Type 2 Accessories

Dressing Your Truth Type 2 Accessories

Right after I explained in my last post how I would be making an effort to post more often and regularly, I promptly discovered Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle and disappeared again.   The information was fascinating to me because it was such a different approach to one’s style and how we present ourselves every day.   I discovered it while reading other blogs and blew if off as too far out for me. But I kept seeing it referred to as a way to better understand yourself.  I signed up for the course and have enjoyed the information and yet I continue to be challenged by the complete overhaul of my closet…..and fabric stash.  My previous posts on black accessories are best suited for the Type 4 Energy Types, according to Carol.  I’m not sure I can accurately describe it any better than a few bloggers have in their posts, especially A Colorful Canvas and Forty Plus Style.

Of course, Carol Tuttle does a thorough job explaining what it is all about in the free online assessment course.   I also read the book It’s Just my Nature by Carol Tuttle to gain a better understanding. If you are at all curious, I encourage you to take the course and see if you can identify your Energy Type.  Unlike other personality assessments and/or having your colors done, this is based on the energy you possess and how you move through the world.  It is DEFINITELY a different approach and one that challenges the existing fashion standards and rules.  You may sail through it knowing exactly what type you are.   Or like me, it may take a while longer to decide.

What type am I?
After reading and reviewing the course info, I assessed myself as a Type 2, a soft and subtle woman.  I had mixed emotions about it.  On the one hand, it fit me because I related to more of the Type 2 personality traits of being softer, more subtle, sensitive,  quiet and needing alone time to regroup and recharge.  T2’s need to ask ALOT of questions, gather information and focus on details. We move at our own pace and don’t like to be rushed. I have been this way since I was a child.

On the other hand, I didn’t want to identify with these qualities as I saw them as wimpy, weak and docile.   In the facial profiling examples, my facial features are more Type 2 than the others, and comparing to other systems, my coloring is low contrast which was complimented by the Type 2 grayed and subtle tones.  I guess I have known this for years but did not want to commit to it.  I find myself flip flopping on dressing this way 100 percent because I still love the broader range of colors and metals found in the other types. Oddly though, I find it helpful and challenging because it gives me direction and focus that ends up with items that all blend nicely together.  Some of the other aspects that keep me on track are:

1.) Design line – Elongated s curves, softened rectangles, elongated ovals
2.) Texture – Plush, soft, comfortable
3.) Fabrication – Medium weight, relaxed, draping, soft, and feeling comfortable to the body.
4.) Pattern – Blended and flowing patterns, muted and subtle designs, low contrast color combinations, diffused backgrounds
5.) Color – Pure colors plus gray, dusty, muted

I identified with all of the types, and originally thought I was a Type 1, but I lack the buoyant, high energy movement.  Type 1’s are often seen as the ‘life of the party’, bubbly and childlike. I did relate to the desire for many choices, random behavior (switching topics and projects), and wanting my clothing, sewing projects in full view resulting in a messy sewing room!   Type 1 outfits and accessories are light, bright and sparkly, with animation and fun details. Sounds good to me!

I also related to the Type 3 Rich and Dynamic Energy, but do not have that PUSH that is described that provokes a response in people….it can be confrontation and a bit bold.  NOT my nature. Some other traits of the Type 3 energy are being active and needing to physically move. They have a more dramatic style, edgy hair color and styles, liking bold statement clothing and jewelry.  I like this style the most, and find myself shopping in the Dressing Your Truth store in the Type 3 area because I love the colors, texture, jewelry and statement.

As for Type 4, I have aspects of this type, but not enough of this Type to have it be my primary.  Type 4 is Bold and Striking.  It is a still and reflective energy, but again my facial features don’t really fit this profile and I don’t have the high contrast.  Type 4’s are analytical, thorough, need time alone and can reflect back what they see in an effort to perfect and improve things. The fashion industry promotes more of this style and coloring to the world, even though few of us look great in bright, bold and black colors.  Thye Type 4 energy does not resonate with me so it was the easiest to remove from my list of possibilities.

If you have followed my blog, you know I LOVE color in my wardrobe and accessories, so as I attempt to follow some of these Type 2 suggestions, here are some recent finds that are being incorporated due to their color, design lines, fabrication, texture and pattern. If you want to read more about my prior color consultation experiences, you can read about it here. My views have changed since then after learning about the energy portion. Black and White have never been recommended for my coloring as they are too harsh. I have, like many, filled my closet (and stash) with the black/white/black&white fabrics!! As for now, I have set them aside. The idea here is to present an entire package that is cohesive, unique and reflective of your entire being, not just hair, skin and eyes.

Thrifted open crochet waterfall cardigan

Thrifted open crochet waterfall cardigan

Bugle Bead Necklace from Charlotte Russe

Bugle Bead Necklace from Charlotte Russe

I decided that visiting thrift stores would be a great way to start the process of adding Type 2 clothing into my wardrobe. Here is one of the sweaters I found at the Goodwill as the temperature soared outside. I’m grabbing items that no one wants right now before our temps drop in the Fall. The necklace was purchased at Charlotte Russe.  These two sweaters look like the same color, but the waterfall cardigan has a metallic thread running through it as well as gray/white yarns.  The shawl sweater is more of a grayed down brown. Both have soft features, fabrics and textures.

Thrifted H&M Grayed Brown Shawl Sweater

Thrifted H&M Grayed Brown Shawl Sweater

This sweater is a bit thicker and I’ll have to wait until it is pretty chilly out to wear it, but the fit and color were great, so into the cart it went.  Necklace is self made with mixed beads and shell oval drop.  See?  I made this YEARS ago and haven’t worn it much.  Subtle, soft colors are bringing this back in to the forefront.

Thrifted Charcoal Hillard and Hanson Cotton Cardigan

Thrifted Charcoal Hillard and Hanson Cotton Cardigan

This dark gray is my new substitute for black, so it will be a staple in the wardrobe. The scarf was also thrifted for $3 and I threw it in with some things I was dyeing and changed it’s overall white background to blue which also toned down the other colors. Love it now. I will be covering more about my dyeing fabrics in a future post.

Thrifted light blue ruffled vest

Thrifted BCBG light blue ruffled vest

Okay, so this may be a bit much on the ruffles, but I liked it for its design lines and s curves. As long as there isn’t too much else going on, it will be the star player of the outfit. Belt is a pewter color, thrifted.

Type 2 Handbags

Type 2 Handbags

My handbag collection expanded a bit with these two beauties. The dusty peach satchel was a find at Macy’s on sale, and the cross body is from Nine West from Burlington Coat Factory.

In addition to all of this, I have separated my sewing patterns into Type 2 styles, sorted through my fabric stash, made beaded jewelry and dyed fabrics. There will be more posts on the dyeing of fabrics, how the five elements have changed my creative outlook on dressing and sewing, thrifting successes and what I am doing with the fabrics in my stash. Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear what you think about Dressing your Truth and what your thoughts are on the subject.

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  1. Loved your comments on DYT. I signed for the course about 2 years ago. Had done almost every color system available back in the 80’s-90’s. Confident I was a T2 and found a secondary 3 let me wear my bold jewelry and be a little more out there with combinations, accessories, etc. I’ve done some dyeing as well to tone down favorites and bleaching to fade out blacks to charcoal or soften navies. Got to your blog via Pinterest. Enjoyed.

    • Hi Yvonne-I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I also like the T3 jewelry/fabrics/style even though it may be a bit overpowering for my personality. It is all fun don’t you think? I love the topic of fashion and how we all use it to express ourselves and how it makes us feel. Thank you for letting me know you found my blog via Pinterest and I hope you will check back.

  2. Just read backward to this post and was delighted to find you enjoy DYT also. I’m a Type 2 so your colors and sewing style resonate with me. I would have pegged you for a type 1 with your apple cheeks, upturned eyes and smile. It’s true what Carol Tuttle says about you yourself are the only person who can type yourself. I was much happier when I purged all the black and garments with sharp angles. Happy sewing!

    • Funny you mention I could be a T1 as I identify with many of those qualities, too. I struggled with the DYT and also love some aspects of the T3! Type 4 is the only one I can say I was sure I was NOT. I still struggle with the black in my wardrobe and fabric stash. Getting rid of the sharp angles, like you mentioned, has been the easy part. But I have some great black clothes that don’t make me feel ‘bad’ when I wear them, they still are necessary for travel (IMHO) and use them for exercise wear. I don’t think it is the best color for me, but I pair it more often with color now up near my face with jewelry, scarves or a colorful top. Oh, do you have a website/blog? Thanks for commenting.

  3. Love your message here — at first glance I totally typed you as a T1 — the heart-shaped face, smiling eyes, lightness in your spirit (which does come through in the photo — (and Carole says the 1s usually think they are something else!) the proof in the pudding for me is when I dressed completely RT1 and got so many compliments I knew that was me. Best wishes on your journey!

    • Hi fellow DYT T1,
      Thank you so much for replying. You are not the only one who thinks I am a T1. (Kathy also commented below) Maybe I am! You are right in that sometimes I think I’m all of the types occasionally. (T1 tendency). It is fun to check back with Carole and see her updated broadcasts. Now I’m debating whether or not to join Lifestyle for the tips. I also like viewing all of the great items and outfits in the DYT store. Sorry to get back to you so late. Thank you again for your feedback.

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