Chiffon, Cotton, Ruffles and Dots

Yes, this post is going out just under the wire before we move in to 2017.   This will conclude another wonderful year of sewing experiences.   I can’t imagine what I would do if I didn’t have this great hobby/skill to rely on for a creative and useful outlet.  I am grateful to my […]

Santa's thoughts on crafter's rooms

Santa’s Quote for Crafters

Here is a little Christmas humor for the crafters out there….enjoy and pass it along. Twas the night before Christmas, I’m decorating the tree. I’m wondering what Santa will bring just for me. Could it be fat quarters or a pattern or lace? Or a quilt kit, I said, with a smile on my face. […]

Family Ties turned into a Christmas Tree Skirt

Men’s Ties Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Men’s ties make the perfect circle skirt to dress up your tree.   If the male family members in your house despise wearing ties (like my husband), and they are sitting in a drawer, gather them together for this quick project.   I was lucky enough to receive my dad’s and uncle’s discarded ties after […]

A Sewing Thimble Collection from Around the World

No garment posts today, but I do have a sewing related slideshow for you.  (If you don’t see the slideshow on your phone, click HERE). This post is a quick look at my sewing thimble collection.  You aren’t yawning right now are you? Give it a try. It may not be one of the most exciting posts you’ve ever read.  Some of you, however, may find the uniqueness of the thimbles and some history to be pretty cool!  I thought so. Happy to share….

Arizona Cacti: 'Barrel Cactus, Saguaro, Prickly Pear'

Arizona Cacti: ‘Barrel Cactus, Saguaro, Prickly Pear’

Above is on of my less expensive yet kitchy thimbles. I had to have one from Arizona.

If you are a sewist, then you have probably done a little hand sewing to fasten a button to a shirt or hemmed a skirt.  It only takes once to have the back end of a needle pierce your finger to have you rummaging around to find a thimble.  Pushing the needle through a thick fabrics can cause some serious fingertip pain.

Known as a “thumb shield”, sewing thimbles date back 2500 years ago and found in the ruins in Pompeii, Rome.  The first thimbles were  made out of bone and leather and were present in every culture.  My thimbles are not that old!  My oldest thimble is the gold ‘Edith’ that I calculate may be about 100 years old.  It belonged to my maternal grandmother’s aunt.  Now, that’s pretty special. I have a mixed assortment made out of silver and gold metals, wood, and porcelain.  Thanks to my mom and her many travels, many of these little treasure are representative of countries around the world.

Sewing Thimble from the Imperial Museum

‘Make Do and Mend’ Sewing Thimble from the Imperial Museum, London, England

Above is a porcelain thimble that states “Make Do and Mend” which was a popular slogan after World War II.  Great efforts were made to salvage, remake, repair and conserve textiles and clothing during this time.  Here is more to read about the Make Do and Mend time period.

According to this article I am called a digitabulist.  There is more to read about sewing thimble history here. and here.
Here is another site that provides a great look at antique and vintage sewing thimbles.  Check out Pinterest and Ebay if you want to see more or start your own collection.

Puppy in a thimble ornament

Puppy in a thimble ornament

Here is a Christmas ornament that was given to me as a gift…a pup in a thimble.

See the tail?

See the tail?

Sterling silver bird pincushion

Sterling silver bird pincushion

This little bird pincushion keeps company with the thimbles.  It is carved sterling silver with a velvet pincushion back.  Little bird is big on the cute factor, but little on functionality.

In this recent societal effort to pare down and minimize our ‘stuff’, acquiring a collection of sewing related items doesn’t seem to be a popular idea.  I’m not hoarder; I’m a collector with my thimbles out on display……


Thimbles in view

Thimbles in view

My thimbles hang on the wall in this great mirrored glass and wood display frame on my sewing room wall.  I don’t use any of these for my hand sewing – I use the ugly cheap one from JoAnn’s!

Do you have a sewing paraphernalia collection of some kind?   How about miniature sewing machines perhaps or scissors of all types?  Leave a comment.  I’d love to hear about it.


Inside elastic casing with bias tape

Simplicity 2153 Silly Putty Jacket

Am I dating myself if I ask you about the color of Silly Putty?  You know, the dirty, well-loved Silly Putty after it has been used on newsprint a few times.  Looks a little gross, but it provided lots of fun for me when I was a kid….and there is interesting history of the gooey […]

License plate art

Sew Creative, L’Toffe Fabrics

If your sewing skills drift from garments to quilts to crafts, you will enjoy stepping into Sew Creative in Ashland, Oregon.  Since I have a love for sewing garments, I have chosen to let others perfect the quilting skills while I continue to master fabric manipulation on the human form. That being said, I find […]

Surface Design With Diane Ericson

Okay, you thought I gave up posting, right? Not exactly. I just took a sabbatical from blog posting.  I have some things to share, so I hope you’ll stay tuned.  I have been busy with a tiring job for the last few months and all my energy went to it.  This blog post is about […]

Rust and Navy Knit Tunic

In the spirit of early fall and pumpkin season, I whipped up this Butterick 5925, a Katherine Tilton tunic.  Have I mentioned how I love it when the end of October rolls around and brings a little chill to the air?   This is the consistent time of year in Tucson when sweaters and coats […]

Earthtone Beaded Ombre Necklace

Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you have been perusing my About blog page, you have seen a glimpse of my extensive fabric collection, an now I’m confessing to you that I have the same problem with beads.  This is why I will not allow myself to start any more hobbies.  I HAVE NO MORE […]

Gray and Beige Equals Greige

Is there a neutral color that gets your attention every time?  It may be certain shades of gray, tan or camel or a interesting combination of shades you can’t even describe.  Well this is mine.  I love this boring and funky color of brown/gray/beige.  I bet many of you would call it something entirely different. […]

Dressing Your Truth Type 2 Accessories

My Dressing Your Truth Experience

Right after I explained in my last post how I would be making an effort to post more often and regularly, I promptly discovered Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle and disappeared again.   The information was fascinating to me because it was such a different approach to one’s style and how we present ourselves […]

Jacket in a pocket

Jacket in a Pocket

Preparing for my trip to Seattle meant considering some potential rain fall during the time of my visit. My daughter recommended a hood of some sort and that would be adequate. I have lots of jackets but few have hoods. I came across this cute jacket at my local Hancock’s fabrics while checking out at […]