July 4th Bracelet and Scarf

Red, Whites, Blues


As July 4th approaches,  I have been getting into the red, white and blue theme in my sewing, scarf shopping, and jewelry making. This combo will be a year-round option, including other shades of the red/white/blue. Here is a quick bracelet I made from my stash beads. I like to call this approach ‘Bead Soup’ because I pick random loose beads from my collection and arrange them in a harmonious way, using up leftovers and creating something less planned and perfect. This works for necklaces, too.

First, gather all of the possible choices from your stash and spread them out.


The above scarf was my inspiration.  It was from Stein Mart on clearance, similar.
As you can see on my tray, there is a Chico’s bracelet.  I purchased two and broke one apart for parts.   I often buy jewelry for the potential components in future designs.

Collect the tools, findings, and anything that may work in the design. Now, it is time to play.

Starting and completing involves jewelry wire, crimp bead(s), closure, cutters, and the crimp tool.

Thirdly, arrange beads on the jewelry wire until you are pleased with the design.  If you are using a toggle, allow a little extra length before finishing so that it is easy to get on and off with one hand.  My finished bracelet is 8.5 Inches.   I don’t mind a looser fit, but you may want it tighter.  Do practice  fittings before finishing.

Note:  If you finish the bracelet and don’t like the fit, no biggy. Take a picture with your phone or camera, take apart and start over.  Wire and crimp beads are  relatively inexpensive and you will be happier with the results.

Coral, Pearls, Crystals, Semi-precious beads, silver components

Coral, Pearls, Crystals, Semi-precious beads, silver components

Do you have some beads in the stash that would make a great Bead Soup creation? I’l love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment.
Have a great Independence Day!


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