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IMG_2437There is no snow here in the desert, at least not yet, but the holiday season is upon us and I am busy making things, as I always do during this time of year. As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted much since before Thanksgiving. It would be smarter to plan all year for Christmas projects, but I just don’t seem to work that way. I get inspired when the Christmas items show up in the retail stores. So, December brings out the Santa Elf in me and I get busy! If you still have time to whip up a last minute project for your decor or give them as gifts, I’ll walk you through the details.

I came up with this idea in my sleep. Well, kind of. I saw an example of a Santa pillow online with a white furry strap across the center like a belt, but thought that was not the correct way to represent Santa so I changed it up to have a black belt and a pom pom instead.

As I was going through my closets, I noticed I had some pillow forms unopened and thought this would be a great way to get them out and be used for the holidays. With the zipper installed at the bottom of the pillow, I can take the cover off and store after the holidays and get started on Valentine’s Day cover, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. I designed the pattern, which you can draft yourself, and make your own with materials of your choice. I made two pillows, so adjust accordingly.

Here are the supplies needed:
1.) 18″ pillow form(s)
2.) Red fabric of your choice, 1/2 yd of either 45″ or 60″ makes one pillow. Purchase 1 yard if making two pillows.
3.) Pattern paper of your choice. Tissue, newspaper, etc. I use medical paper.
4.) Marker or pencil to draw pattern.
5.) Buckle(s)
6.) Black fabric, felt, belting for Santa’s belt. I used felt strips cut to fit width of buckle and approximately 11″ long.
7.) Scissors
8.) Hand needle to sew on pom pom.
9.) White and red thread
10.) Two 18″ zippers.
11.) Package of 2 1/2″ pom poms (Hobby Lobby)
12.) Fusible 1/4″ tape (optional)

Step 1.) Using your pattern paper of choice, draw out two 19″ squares. Then, free hand some doggy ear shape as I did up in one corner.IMG_2403
Step 2.) Once the pattern is traced, cut out the pattern piece and pin to red fabric. Cut out fabric.IMG_2406
Step 3.) Serge (or zig zag) the lower edge of pillow. This will be where the zipper is installed. IMG_2407Step 4.) Prepare Santa’s belt by cutting your black fabric to fit buckle center. I used felt for the speedy factor, but you can use any black option of your choice. I just cut two strips the 11″ length of felt squares by the width of the belt. The excess gets cut off soon. IMG_2408 Once the belting is ready, cut a hole and insert buckle prong.
Step 5.) Positioning the belt and buckle: Find the center of the pillow and mark with a pin. The buckle’s center should be placed in the center of the pillow. This will help locate where the belt should be sewn and where the buckle will be placed.IMG_2409IMG_2412

Slide buckle back on to black fabric and insert buckle tongue. Sew the belting on, both edges, until you reach about one inch from buckle.
Step 6.) Noticing where the center of the buckle should be, flip buckle back on itself in order to sew the belting down. If possible, sew down the belting where the buckle will cover the stitching. Trim off excess.
Step 7.) Prepare other half of belt by measuring to the center, keeping the buckle placement in mind. Insert the other half of belting, turn back and mark the hole for belt tongue, Snip a hole and insert belting, I left mine loose, but you can stitch it down if desired. Keeping the buckle out of the way, stitch both sides of the belting down to the red fabric getting as close as possible to the buckle.
Step 8.) Prepare to insert zipper by machine basting with a 1/2″ seam allowance on the lower half of pillow covering. Right sides together.
Step 9.) Press open.
Step 10.) Optional: Iron on the fusible tape to the seam allowance. This will help hold zipper in place.
Step 11.) With zipper face down, press with iron along seam allowance, fusing the tape to the zipper.
Step 12.) With a zipper foot, stitch the zipper on to the pillow along both sides of the zipper on the right side. Open up basting stitches carefully with a seam ripper.
Step 13.) With right sides together, pin remaining three sides together, unzipping the zipper enough to insert your hand. If not, you will not be able to turn the cover right side out. Stitch all three sides in a regular stitch length. (2.5m-3.0m) Clip corners. Turn right side out, pressing out corners.
Step 14.) Prepare Santa’s pom pom by taking white thread and a needle and sewing through the center with a few whip stitches to the doggy eared corner of the cover. Insert pillow form and zip up. You are done!!
IMG_2433Enjoy your cover for the holidays, unzip and remove the pillow form (for the next cover you make), and store for next year. Enjoy!

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