Rhonda’s Creative Life Is Sharing Blog Love….

Blog Love

Blog Love

Returning A Favor

It is a little early for Valentine’s Day, but I am feeling the love from Rhonda.  Blog love, that is.  I was grateful to find my blog featured on Rhonda’s Creative Life Wednesday Showcase!   Rhonda wrote a thoughtful post summarizing my love for sewing, making jewelry and offering tutorials.  It is only fair to share the love and share Rhonda’s website with my viewers.  Talk about making my day!!   I was giddy with delight to see the referrals from Rhonda in my site stats because, like compliments people give you, she didn’t have to do it.  She didn’t just link to my site but wrote a nice re-cap with great collage photos to help introduce me to her readers.

Rhonda Buss

Rhonda Buss flying planes and saving dogs

Check Out Her Blog

I have to be honest….I didn’t know about Rhonda until this happened but I’m glad now!  (I’m still discovering established sewing bloggers every day).   If you have not read about Rhonda, what I can tell you is that she has been blogging since 2009, loves to fly planes and writes for Sew News Magazine.  She offers free patterns  and regularly shares the love by featuring other blogger’s posts on topics she thinks will be educational, informative or just plain fun!

Every Wednesday (Wednesday Showcase) Rhonda features a blogger that has caught her eye.   Rhonda’s posts range from collaborative sewing projects, Sunday Night Reflections, Sew Alongs or a link to take you to a site offering fashion thoughts like Londa’s Creative Sewing.  There is her Wednesday Showcase Hall of Fame on the right column on her home page to see.  Time can fly by just perusing the information on her sight.  How about some free printables to start off the year??  Those are just a few quick enticements.  Yep, this site is worth your time.

My Thoughts

The sewing community shares generously, is endlessly creative, and courageous.  I read about women tackling sewing challenges constantly by spending time and money and projects that have unknown outcomes.   Women of all ages open themselves up to possible sewing ‘fails’ by sharing how the fabric, pattern or execution may have come up short.  And who doesn’t love to read about a sewing success story?!  The constant pursuit to sharpen the sewing, fitting and technical skills takes determination, perseverance and creativity.  I am so grateful to be a part of this community and to learn from these fellow sewists!


Do you have some blog love to share?  Have you found a blog that inspired you to get creative, motivated, or be encouraged?  I’d love to hear.