*THE* Support Staff



Here is a quick peak at the family behind the scenes.

First is my the computer genius of the family (self-taught), Sean, who has dragged me painstakingly into the 21st century and helped me with this site. This is payback for those teenage years….

IMG_0227Then there is my daughter, Shannon, who is the social media guru and when she isn’t working, she spend time with her beloved dog, Damon.

Ethan in Brother's Gow Band

Ethan in Brother’s Gow Band

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And then there is my eldest son, Ethan, who is the walking advertisement for ‘live your dream’ by playing as often as possible in his band, Brother’s Gow.

Ethan with Nana

Ethan with Nana

Ethan with his grandmother in beautiful Coronado, California.

Mr. B

Mr. B

The fuzzy guy is my patient husband, Mr. B, who tolerates my piles of fabric and ongoing projects taking up valuable real estate in our home.

Mom/Nana/Binny and Sol

Mom and Sol in California

And I can’t forget the master-helpers, Mom and Sol, who provide endless support and encouragement in the way of photography tips and cheer leading.
The whole family has been wanting me to get this off the ground and share my passion with all of you for quite some time. I hope for their sake, I don’t disappoint! A big THANKS to all of you.

And now  for Tool Time….The players that get the stitching done.  Meet the trio:

Elna 740

Elna eXcellence 740

The bulk of my sewing is done by this big girl.  This model came out in 2010.   She has a huge open bed with great LED lights.   It has been shuffled around on trips and taken to my weekly Sit & Sew meetings.

Next is the veteran of the group.  The Pfaff CoverStyle Serger.

Pfaff Cover Style 5 Thread Serger

Pfaff Cover Style 5 Thread Serger

I can’t even remember how old this girl is…..maybe 15+ years old?  We’ve been together so long now that I can thread her in my sleep!  (Dreading threading is the biggest deterrent for people wanting to purchase a serger).  It just takes time, forming a relationship with your machines to know what they need to operate.  A serger is a MUST in my sewing.

And lastly is the newest addition to the family, the Janome CoverPro Coverstitch.

Janome CoverPro Coverstitch

Janome CoverPro 1000CPX Coverstitch

This machine felt like a bit of a splurge, but I love to use it to finish all of my knits.  It has capabilities I have yet to explore!  It is easier to thread than a serger and offers such a professional finish.

So that’s the entire Support Staff helping me pursue my craft.  Do you have some supportive players in your life that help you stay creative??


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