BOOtiful in Black

Halloween-Pumpkin-booI think this is a great use for those old, plain black buttons.

I will be sewing tonight. No great costumes to share with you this year. On prior Halloweens, I have been Raggedy Ann (my husband as Raggedy Andy much to his chagrin and NEVER to be repeated), a mermaid, a cat, but not a sexy one. It was more like a onsie that happened to be orange and black material and puurrfect for a cold night of ghoulish festivities. I even had animal-claw-ish slippers which completed the ensemble. One year I was the Statue of Liberty, using a discarded serger cone and a Cool Whip dish to help form my torch, completed by spray painting it all silver with tissue paper flames.

The first place winner was the year when my husband and I went as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. We went out to a local high end resort where they were having a Halloween costume contest/Dance and we won an overnight stay in one of the nice suites. It was definitely our best. I made my entire costume, but my husband was the most convincing by gluing white/gray/black yarn pieces to his face and throat, up from the neck to his ears and then on the tops of his hands. He had rubber pointy ears and a animal nose. It was perfect and creepy.

Maybe next year we will be motivated to come up with something new. What was your costume this year?

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