Vogue 8819 Boucle Sweater

IMG_2629This was an impulse fabric purchase (not unlike many of mine) but this was a little different. I was walking out of my local mill end fabric store and spotted this on the top of a pile. I had not seen it the day before (yes, I am on a first name basis with the staff). It measured just shy of 2 yards and I knew I could squeeze some kind of outer garment piece from it. Because of the subtle stripe in it, I thought of Vogue 8819, which I had not sewn up yet.IMG_2639The black and white striped sweater in the Vogue pattern book really shows off the interesting use of stripes creating chevrons to give this cardigan more punch.V8819IMG_2626The subtle striping in this sweater knit didn’t require alot of time consuming stripe-matching, which made this sew up quickly. I also like how the neck piece conforms to the neck slightly.IMG_2628I made the Meduim 12/14 size and the only complaint I have is that the sleeves were a little too tight. I have a turquoise long sleeve knit tee cut out and ready to make, but I will have to make it a 3/4 sleeve or short sleeves to be able to slide on underneath this sweater. Other than that, I love the design and the length.IMG_2627IMG_2631There are no closures on this jacket, but a hook and eye could be added to the facing if desired.

I will now take a break from my black ensembles and feature some color in the next posts. I could not put you through another black pant offering. For someone who should be wearing browns and navy as my basic neutrals, I have been such a rebel with all of these black projects lately. Stay tuned for more color. Did you find this helpful? Feel free to comment and/or share.

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